Social Media Advertising Software
for Automated Ad Optimizations & Testing

Unlock the power of AI today for robust growth with 24/7 automated optimizations. Boostify data-backed software will work as an agency to optimize ads, audiences, and your budget.
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AI Powered Social Media Advertising Software

No more manual campaign & ad set adjustments
Automated Budget Scaling
Automatically adjust your advertising budgets based on weekly, daily & hourly performance so you will only spend your dollars where performance metrics are high.
Pre-build AI Audiences
Analyze audience profitability for your campaigns using Machine Learning technology. With just a few clicks, you can choose from 100+ audiences and test them side by side for stronger results.
Detailed Reporting
Log in to your dashboard for detailed ad account performance metrics as often as you like.

Used by Advertisers of All Sizes

Boostify will increase your ROAS whether you’re spending $100 or $100K a month on social advertising.

Our software will help you scale your campaigns and increase your profitability.
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Improved Results Within Days

Whether you're running e-commerce, lead generation or app download campaigns
Boost your KPIs
Simply enter your KPIs to Boostify and let the machines do the optimizations for you. Our pre-built automation tactics will lower your CPA, increase your ROAS, and deliver the maximum amount of conversions. Boostify's AI minimizes manual optimizations and human error. With our data backed platform, you will be able to automate repetitive work and focus on your strategy.
24/7 Automated Optimization
Boostify's AI will work 24/7 to find the best audiences, time of the day, day of the week for your campaigns to scale only when your results meet your KPI metrics. It's easy to lose track of your Social Media ad account. Without constant campaign optimizations, your CPAs might increase suddenly, or you might miss an opportunity to scale up on a well-performing campaign. Our software will eliminate the risk of spending higher than you want on CPA, and scale-up your budget when our algorithm detects an opportunity.
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Automated Ad Buying Machine Built by Digital Marketing Experts

Our algorithm will optimize your account based on your KPIs and target audience, so you will save time and money from the manual work.
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