July 16, 2022

7 Essentials of an Effective Landing Page in 2022

7 Essentials of an Effective Landing Page in 2022

Why are Landing Pages important?

Advertisers often overlook the importance of an effective landing page. You spend money on ads to bring qualified traffic to your site. You do tests to optimize your ad creatives, copy, audiences. Once your potential customer is on your site, it will be your content on the site that will convince the customer to take the final step and make a purchase. Improving your "On-site conversion rate" can change your bottom lines very significantly. For instance, increasing your on-site conversion rate from 1% to 2% means you are effectively doubling your sales from ads and decreasing your CPA by 50%. Even if you cannot constantly test different landing pages, try to follow below principles to have a good foundation for your LPs. Here are the 7 essentials to build an effective landing page:

1. Do not include any external links on your landing pages

You want to keep your traffic to yourself and have them focus on making that purchase. Try to use a different menu or footer with no external or even internal links (like your homepage) so your visitor is focused on clicking that add-to-cart button.

2. A Benefit-Oriented Headline

When your prospects land on your page, they should be able to answer these questions right away "What is in it for me?", "How does this product make my life better?". 

3. Strong Message Match between Ad and Landing Page

You want your landing page to have the same messaging as your ad copy and creative. Your prospect needs to know that she is in the right place after clicking on the ad. Landing pages should be designed to elaborate on the messages communicated in the ad. Overall the messaging should have the same value propositions and benefits.

4. Benefits Over Features

Just like with your headline, you want to communicate the benefits of your products, how it could make your prospect's life better vs. what features and ingredients your product has.

5. Divide content into Digestible Chunks

Make it easier for your prospect to digest the information laid out by building small paragraphs and bullet points. List the benefits in an easy to understand everyday language without being too poetic.

6. Social Proof

Add reviews from your existing customers. Not only will it help convince your prospects to try your product, they will also know that others have tried and were satisfied with your product and your prospect is not a guinea pig, being the first person to buy this product.

Also, displaying logos of well-known publications your product was featured in, you can boost your perceived credibility.

7. Strong Call to Action Button

Your call to action button should stand out, and ideally it should be the only button on your landing page. Add multiple call to action buttons across the page so your prospects do not have to scroll all the way down to make that purchase.

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