December 9, 2021

Are Your Beauty Campaigns Dumped by Facebook? Here's a Quick Guide

Are Your Beauty Campaigns Dumped by Facebook? Here's a Quick Guide

Presently we're discussing a very particular issue, but one that we encounter frequently.  It's not unusual for healthcare ads to be disapproved on Facebook because they display excessive skin. But the big question is, how can you represent your business with your goods and services without having your ads banned and dragging down your entire branding strategy, especially when skin is your entire focus? For all of our cosmetic and beauty buddies out there, here's a brief how-to.


Turned Down Post

The Rules And standards on Facebook forbid some pics with implicit nakedness. Even if we're certain you're not aiming to reveal nuance in your marketing, relatively harmless elements such as a shot of an area of the body to demonstrate how successful your treatments are could be why your campaigns are dismissed. You should be aware of the following Facebook restrictions on the depiction of body regions, skincare, and health care products and services. Here are some of the don'ts:

The problem here is that when it comes to defining 'extra skin' or 'doubtful effects,' Facebook is a little hazy.

We understand how annoying it is when your aim is, just to demonstrate the incredible effects your services and goods can produce. However, we don't recommend attempting to sneak photographs past Facebook's detection system on a regular basis. Several ad rejections can result in your entire ad account being banned or terminated, something you don't want to happen.

If that's the case, in what way can you handle Facebook marketing for beauty treatments and personal care products?


Avoid Prior and After Photos

Facebook, wishes to prevent advertisements that spread misinformation about the outcomes consumers might anticipate from wellness and aesthetic services. So, as an alternative to including social proof in your marketing, connect a photo of a client with a quote or online reviews from consumers in the ad content.


Steer Clear From Focusing Too Much

We understand you want to tell the public why your technique or solutions address the needs of your audience, which is better accomplished up close. Sadly, it's not allowed. Rather, use a more zoomed-out visual, such as a girl smiling with a big pendant that attracts jewelry collectors for them to get absorbed in your ad.


Bonus Tips

Consider different ways to connect the benefits of the product or service to potential clients. Aside from the aforementioned ideas,  your business can also discuss your brand's beliefs and philosophy. Anything that will spark prospective clients' attention and persuade them to pick your beauty brand or service than another's. You can opt to include :

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