December 22, 2021

The Best Facebook Ad Optimization Software in 2022

The Best Facebook Ad Optimization Software in 2022

Most businesses today have adapted to the online nature of how advertisements run to capture potential customers and audiences. However, with accessible connections and rising competitors, there's a possibility for ads to underperform. Other businesses can also run Facebook ads without considering how they may spend their budgets. What marketers need to focus on is ad optimization which is a key to stay ahead in online business.


What is Ad Optimization?

Ad Optimization is when a business owner or marketer tells Facebook a choice on how he or she wants to get results. This is also where the person establishes the outcome they want their business to have. This is a good head start for business owners who have already planned their target demographics.


Why Facebook Ads?

With over a billion active users worldwide, Facebook is undeniably one of the biggest social media platforms ideal for online businesses. A marketer has a lot of options on how to display their ads which can appear in messenger or on the news feed of his or her target audience. It is considered to be one of the most powerful selling platforms to date.


Why opt for Optimization Software?

This might leave you wondering, how do other business ads get up to millions of views? The answer to this is Optimization Software. And yes, your Facebook ads can actually do better. Here are some software you might consider looking into.


Best Facebook Ad Optimization Softwares:



revealbot is a Facebook ad automation software where you can plan and manage your strategies. It helps boost ROAS and allows you to automate a daily routine time to save time. You can also analyze the performance of similar audiences in all of your campaigns while having a customized dashboard for your ease and convenience. Upon signing up, you get a 14-day free trial where there is no credit card required. You can also cancel it anytime or request the team a demo.



madgicx is a Facebook Ad Automation and Optimization Software designed for social media, ad agencies, and eCommerce store owners. The software has pre-built automation templates where you can customize automation and check to see the tasks by the media buyers. It also has pre-packaged automation tactics for Facebook ad campaigns which will help with ROAS and generate more conversions and revenue. You can easily monitor purchases, clicks, KPIs which can help with tracking reports. Upon signing up, you get a 7-Day free trial. madgicx will extend the trial for free if there are no results within 7 days.



Boostify is an AI-powered social media advertising software where subscribers can scale the social performance of their business. The software generates growth and works around the clock for campaigns that are beneficial to RoAS. It also analyzes audience profitability and adjusts around your budget, saving you more time and money. Plus, real experts are present to support and back up the software. Boostify also allows access to account details just by logging into your dashboard and minimalizes manual and tedious work so marketers and business owners can prioritize their goals. Upon signing in, you get a 2-week free trial.


No time for manual work? If you're looking for top-notch Facebook ad optimization, join and experience real expert support and affordable service.