December 10, 2021

Copywriting Guide for Facebook Ads

Copywriting Guide for Facebook Ads

Words have always had an impact on businesses, especially in the area of advertising. Though writing has many forms, this topic is focused on Ad Copy. Copywriting is an act of making text designed to inform, convince, and promote the service or product of a business. It has been used in marketing with the intention to spread brand awareness to a target audience and persuade them to interact or call them to action.


Tips for a Good Facebook Ad Copy

A text is already a good factor for marketing. However, the best way to capture the attention of an audience is to pair messages with images. These advertising messages should speak about what a business offers while incorporating a brand in order to capture one's focus. Do take note that Facebook leans more to an image with a short text or with no text at all. Images that have more text sometimes bring a low-quality experience to users. How then will a business deliver a brand message? Here are some tips that might help.

Target the right people...or person

It may be overwhelming to know how many users log in to check Facebook daily. However, keep in mind that the goal of copywriting is to be effective. Think of writing for an audience with mutual needs or focus on targeting one person. This person will be the guide and target. Think of ways on how to convince this person to listen and buy your products. Thankfully Facebook allows this through its feature where you can narrow your audience through audience definition.

Plan specific ads for specific people

Why should different ads be for different people? Specific ads are how you can target different people within your demographic. For example, if your online business deals with perfume, your audience can be divided on the scent of their choice. This situation is an opportunity to address male perfume separately while targeting the female audience with their respective choice.

Match your messages with your visuals

Text is a story, while the image is another. Though these two have a separate story to tell, the message each delivers should complement one another. When the concepts for your text and images do not line up, it can cause confusion with your audience, which will drive them away from clicking your ad. Aside from carefully planning how an image should appear, harmonize it with the message you want your brand to deliver. 

Don't forget to call-to-action

What are you really aiming for when you set up an ad? Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or promote your product, your advertisement focus on the call-to-action. The Call-to-Action button can help curious online passers-by and your audience know where to click when they are interested. Another benefit is it encourages browsing and shopping opportunities.

Keep your copywriting short, yet sweet

When planning for an ad, focus on the message that you want your target audience to know. Do this through both your texts and visuals. Focus on how this product can give sun protection or how this product can help with sleeping. When giving out your message, think of conciseness. Ads with too much copywriting might annoy some readers as most of them only want to get to the point. With the correct pairing of visuals and straigt-to-the-point copy, your audience will waste no time figuring out what you are promoting. You will also lessen the risks of losing potential customers.

Make your ad copy easy to understand

Flowery words are welcome however, it is more beneficial if your ad copy speaks a simple language. Not all might get what you are trying to say even when your ad copy intentions are good. Have your ad copy prioritize easy reading that even kids could understand. Let the audience know your offers, what's in it for them when getting a product or service, then the action of adding items to their online carts, or better, buying your products.

Do some tests with your ad copy

If you are quite unsure whether copywriting works or not, the best way to improve it is through tests. With Facebook, copywriters and other users can test this by running ads with the same visual content but with different text. See which ad is performing better so you can have confidence in using it.


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