December 21, 2021

Does Facebook Customer Feedback Score Affect Your Cost Per Million (CPM)

Does Facebook Customer Feedback Score Affect Your Cost Per Million (CPM)

Facebook is known as a social media giant and one of the leading platforms, especially when it comes to online businesses. Aside from its free benefits, there is also a lot to know about its algorithm, marketing strategies, customer feedback score, and other aspects. Even though Facebook is mostly the go-to for most online business owners, it has tools that can halt some marketing strategies, pulling the potential of supposed-to-be quality ads. So it is noteworthy to know how to utilize these tools the right way.


The deal with Facebook Customer Feedback Score

Facebook Customer Feedback Score simply derives from many feedback types from several users. It can come from surveys that Facebook itself sends out. Sometimes it also gathers information like opinions from advertisements on the platform. With Facebook prioritizing customer feedback, purchases gathering low-quality reception from your consumers can trigger the performance and the way your ads run. The good news is that marketers can utilize the Facebook Customer Feedback tool to increase the interaction of a business and its customers. The algorithm that plays here is the one that decides how much the audience should give to an online business, determining the outcome of either an increase or decrease in the quality of ad campaigns.


Facebook Customer Feedback Score: What does it mean?

It means that a business owner can either acquire positive or negative feedback about customer experience. It can indicate similar reviews from competitors, opting for the marketer to look for ways to level up their service. For example, if you score low feedback, it can mean your business advertisement will only reach a hardly small audience, which might cause you to spend more on ads than your usual budget. In a worst-case scenario, sometimes other businesses that receive poor feedback are banned by Facebook to advertise on its platform.


How Do I Know My Feedback Score?

Facebook introduces us to one of its latest updates which is Facebook Business Manager. Marketers and online business owners can select "Account Quality" then proceed to the page they manage and view their score.


How About Cost per Million (CPM)?

As stated in the title, CPM is the abbreviation for Cost per Million (CPM). It is a notable factor that makes the business owner or marketer decide the budget on Facebook advertisement. CPM can also depend on the nature of your business. But did you know you can lower CPM based on your Facebook Customer Feedback Score? The answer is yes!


What does it have to do with the other?

Though CPM is one of your main key players, Facebook Customer Feedback Score can dictate the performance of your CPM. With Facebook prioritizing customer experience, it is also a given for top-performing businesses to be a priority. Depending on the feedback of your business, Facebook will take charge of calculating the score. For example, if a business receives high feedback score, CPMs will go the opposite road.


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