December 10, 2021

Facebook Ad Strategies for 2022

Facebook Ad Strategies for 2022

Trends quickly come and go, which is also the same with the strategies in marketing and online businesses. Facebook has also changed several times, even for just one year. New features for ad management and scheduling are also enhanced. With many things happening on Facebook, many online businesses adjusted to new strategies. However, many online marketers find the changes in the algorithm a bit challenging. Don't fret, as these changes can be a good thing to enhance more of what your online business already has. We have some tips that might help you and your Facebook ads get through the social media platform.


Highlight your offers and products with carousel ads

What are carousel ads in the first place? Most marketers use this to showcase multiple snapshots or products in just a single swipe. Carousel ads are a more convenient way to tell a story using your products and services. You can add videos or images of your products, and the carousel will display it on devices like tablets, computers, and cellular phones.


Engagement ads for more reach

Are you one of those Facebook pages with many likes but no reach in followers? One of the sad realities of the Facebook algorithm is having your posts seen by a small percentage of your followers. For example, you might have over a hundred page likes, but your post only gets 15-30 views. For a more effective strategy, you can opt for engagement ads. Engagement means more audience interaction like reactions, comments, shares, and more.


Opt for video ads

You may have played with visuals before, but ads with movement are proven more effective in capturing more eyes. Video ads can also serve as proof, especially for online shoppers, showing how trustworthy your products are. Video ads are also a great way to tell the story of your brand and highlight brand successes. Be sure to remember to keep your video ads short yet meaningful.


Play with GIF ads

If you want a shorter or more simple ad, you can try with a GIF ad. GIF is Graphics Interchange Format and is like a lovechild of photos and videos. It is like a video ad but can be in a much shorter format. You can capture reactions in seconds rather than minutes.


Research your audience

Did you know you can custom your target market? You can target audiences manually based on their interests, activities, location, age, and so much more. Yes, a broader audience may be tempting to reach, but your ad passing by uninterested people is the last thing you want as an online business owner. With a more focused target market, you can be sure to make the most of your ad reach.


Consider ad size

Some might think it is enough to put out an image on a Facebook page and leave it there. However, it is important to consider the required specs, size, and ratio in an ad format. You do not want to chop off 1/4 of your model's head or display a blurred picture of your product.



Optimization is also one of the most coveted properties of an advertisement. If you want a more in-depth understanding of Facebook ad optimization and have more reach, sign up at Boostify and know how you can have all these perks at an affordable cost!