December 21, 2021

The Guide To Facebook CBO for 2022

The Guide To Facebook CBO for 2022

Facebook has proven to be a strong competitor in the business world. Being one of the biggest social media brands with a billion users tuning in daily, it has become an ideal platform in eCommerce. For the past few years, Facebook dawned on a new update called CBO. It has continually received praise from online marketers, and here are the reasons why.


What is CBO?

CBO stands for Campaign Budget Optimization. The purpose of CBO is to manage the budget of online store owners, which can help skyrocket their business and achieve the best results. Meaning, your budget gets distributed on all your campaigns, making work easier than planning a separate budget for separate ad sets.


Why Use CBO?

If you have not heard yet, here is the scoop. Campaign Budget Optimization makes use of the algorithm in Facebook. With your budget distributed across your ad sets paired with a bidding strategy, you can get conversions at a low cost while having control over every set allocation.


How Does CBO Work?

One of the perks of CBO is that it is simple when it comes to setup. Just by having a planned budget for your campaign, matched with a strategy on bidding, the rest of the work is up to Facebook. The performance depends on the settings you choose. The focus of CBO will turn to the ad set budget based on the best return on advertising spend (ROAS) and would come up with a decision also based in real-time. 


CBO Setup Tips


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