December 21, 2021

How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads in 2022

How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads in 2022

Aside from being a source of connection for families, friends, and other people dealing with distance issues, Facebook has evolved into many things including business and entertainment. Being in the ever-fast evolving world of trend we are in today, it can be a challenge to require a viewer to stay long on a video unless the topic is part of the person's interest.

With the number of users tuning into Facebook daily, it has become an ideal platform when it comes to advertising and marketing. For every month, around a billion people that use Facebook watch different types of videos ranging from short infomercials to streaming video services. With this data, it is a good time for businesses to start investing in videos that can help catapult their brand.


Where to Place Facebook Ads

You may rely on the news feed of other people but the presence of your online business can do so much more. Try exploring placements on Facebook that can be effective in viewership count, which can attract or hook your target audience.


The marketplace has lately been a trend, especially in online shopping. While users are looking for things they need or are interested in, chances are they will come across your ad which might persuade them to buy your product. 


News Feed

As mentioned earlier, the news feed is where Facebook advertisements are commonly seen by audiences. It is considered the most convenient placement as it can be seen by a user while scrolling down for updates.


Here is where your ads can be shown in a vertical display. Users will get a full-screen view of your products or services, which can show more what they can get. But take note that unlike in news feed placements, you might have to limit the video time or be prepared for your story to be split into story cards.

Video Feed

The video feed is where you can fully showcase your ad compared to story placements. You can show a more organic side of your products or services. 


Things to Consider When Making a Facebook Video Ad:

Make Videos Work Without Sound - Think about the era of silent comedy films like ones made by Charlie Chaplin. Why did people love them so much even when they showed the most simple story plots? It is because it was easy to understand. You can include subtitles but do note that information is key which leads to the second thing to consider.

Story showing, not storytelling - Do you know why some movies flop even though their story has the potential to go big? It's because even when a story has the easiest and most transparent theme that is already known by audiences, filmmakers turn to storytelling, being a huge turn-off for audiences, fed off with information overload. Rather than telling how smart your company is, tell audiences about your offers and services instead.

Prioritize mobile formats - Most people who use social media are into what's quicker and more efficient, which are mobile phones. So, it's better to think about phone viewers when it comes to video ratios and proportions.

Make your intro count - Think about your headline but in video format. With the interest of your target audience, create a spark that will hook viewers into staying a bit longer in your video.

Be concise - Do not encourage boredom in your viewers when viewing your advertisements. Deliver the message your business needs to deliver but do not forget to prioritize your brand. Make it short yet interesting. Rather than long talk and over informative videos, leave your audience curious instead. 

Make your ad call for action - How will you know your audience enjoyed your ad? One of the ways to keep track is to incorporate a "call to action" like clicks. Give a reason like a limited offer or service that can persuade interest.


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