February 25, 2021

How to Do Facebook Ads, the Basic Concepts

How to Do Facebook Ads, the Basic Concepts

Facebook is a powerful platform that offers features from hyper-targeting to A/B testing. That said, it could be intimidating for someone who is not familiar with social media advertising platforms.

That is why we thought we would put together this quick post to introduce the core concepts of Facebook advertising. Without further ado, let’s delve right into it!

Like other ad platforms, Facebook follows a similar set-up structure when it comes to creating and publishing an ad. There are three levels of set-up; campaign, ad set, and ad level. 


The top-level of ad configuration is “Campaign,” where it all starts. If there is only one takeaway, what you have to know at this stage is that this is where you choose the ad objective. The three objectives of your ad campaign are grouped as Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

- Awareness: If you have a brand new product and you would like to increase brand awareness, this is what you choose. For example, a new local shoe store can create an awareness campaign to announce their opening to people in the local area.
- Consideration: Campaigns focused on consideration are aimed at getting people to seek more information about your business. For example, with the use of consideration campaign objective, the local shoe store can drive traffic to its website to learn more about the store.
- Conversions: This is the most commonly used objective. The goal is to encourage people to buy or use your product or service. For example, the shoe store adds eCommerce onto their website. With the conversions objective, they can create a campaign to encourage potential customers to purchase shoes online.
If you have a new business, your campaigns may focus on building awareness and a customer base. Later, you may encourage people to make a purchase so your objectives may change over time.

Ad Set

Once you decide on your campaign objectives, next is you will need to create an ad set. The main goal of creating an ad set is defining a target audience. If you would like to test different target audiences, guess what? You get to create more audiences! If you believe certain demographics will respond to a different type of messaging, guess what? You separate these audiences by creating different target audiences. In our shoe store example, you can create one ad set for males and another for females. The next section will help explain why we would separate females and males into two different ad sets.


Finally, you’re there! The last piece of the puzzle is to create the actual ads! This is all about creatives and messaging. You test as many creatives as possible by creating ads under each ad set. Referring back to the shoe store example, you could create ads for female audiences, where your creatives are focused on shoes for women. While the ad set with the male audience would feature images of men's shoes. It is always a good idea to test multiple ads under each ad set to figure out the best creative and copy that resonates with your target audience.

And that’s a wrap!

To summarize, “campaign” is where you choose an ad objective, while you test different audiences under ad sets, and finally, test different creatives under ads.

Wollah!! Now you know about 50% of running a Facebook ad. Give yourself a pat on the back!


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