December 9, 2021

How to Give Facebook Ad Account Access

How to Give Facebook Ad Account Access

Facebook is one of the unbeatable platforms when it comes to online marketing and business. But did you know that simply posting on a daily basis is just the tip of the iceberg? You read that right. Aside from utilizing the page-ready features, you can boost your online business more through Facebook Business Suite. With the combination of its tools and settings, your online presence will surely skyrocket to target audiences and have a ripple effect to those who may have interests in what you sell or offer.


Ad Accounts

You have found a partner to help you with your Facebook Ad account management but still not sure how to provide access? Here are some steps that will help you walk through the other world of Facebook Business Suite. Try following the simple instructions below: 



Wasn't that easy? Here's another tip. You can also link your Instagram account through the same Business Settings. Here's a quick guide on where to start.



If you want to focus more on building your page Facebook Business Settings is still your homecourt. Aside from it being an advantage, it's also a haven for your business pages to get organized. Here's another quick guide on how to link your pages.


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