December 10, 2021

How Posts Can Increase Facebook Engagement

How Posts Can Increase Facebook Engagement

Setting out a post is one way to gain attention from potential clients, but how effective is it when it comes to engagement? Why does it matter? Because Facebook engagement is one of the biggest keys in aiding reach and helps in boosting your business in the Facebook algorithm, especially in placements you choose. All those shares and reactions can also rocket the exposure of your online business. With these combined, you will most likely gain an interactive audience, which is one of the top goals in Facebook marketing!


Tips to Increase Facebook Post Engagement

Time and consistency

Do some research on what are the most effective times for a post. Take note of the location of your audience and plan your posts ahead of time. You can keep a calendar for your monthly posts and schedule posts at the beginning of the month. While scheduling, keep in mind the most effective time you researched from your audience. This example is one of the keys to consistency so that your audience can await your next post. You can start with two posts a week. 


Study your most effective post

By going over your previous posts, you can save time researching what ways or time is most effective or convenient for your audience. Try looking up what post had the most likes, shares, comments, or other interactions, and keep in mind the time or strategy you used. Was it simple, making it easier for your audience to understand? Was it posted during the lunchbreak of your followers? Go figure!


Take the time to respond

Responses count. When a person leaves a comment, whether from your audience or not, do not leave the person hanging. A business that prioritizes comments and replies means that the brand cares. That last thing you want your brand to be is a snob to your potential clients. If you find yourself too busy, have an assistant or intern do the work. It's simple as ABC.


Pair posts with call-to-action

You might have heard videos telling you to leave a like, subscribe, or share this post with your friends. These are examples of including a call to action, which is also the CTAs. Having a call to action in posts encourages the audience to be part of an online interaction that will surely help boost your business. However, remember that you are dealing with a button, NOT a sentence on your ad copy. Also, take note that you are not forcing but inviting.


CTA vs. Engagement Bait

Wait, we know. You might be thinking that you thought you should include a call-to-action. And, yes, you can opt for a CTA, which is different from asking for shares and likes on a post. Call-to-action is a button you include in your posts so you can give your audience options to book an appointment, shop products, visit your website, and other suggestions that can still help boost your online business. Why must you be careful? Asking for people to leave a like or share a post directly written on your caption is considered engagement baiting by Facebook. Although it can be tempting, never consider it an option as you can get penalized in the algorithm.


Leave an impact rather than a price

Each online business has its own goal. Although it is a priority to have high numbers, your audience can get tired or bored of only seeing offers, promos, and sales. Though posting promotions and ad sales are not wrong, you should consider giving your page a break. Try inserting impactful videos once a week between your usual posts. Adding a bit of variety can help invite curious customers rather than feeding sales and promotions.


Images count

People nowadays are more driven visually rather than text-reading posts. Posts that have high-quality photos can also lead to more engagement. Put your products in good lighting or ask for photo consent from a returning customer. You are not required to have a photography studio to capture things like these. For a start, having a mobile phone is enough. You can also opt for free stock images as long as it aligns with your product and brand image.



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