December 10, 2021

How to Revamp Your Facebook Video Marketing

How to Revamp Your Facebook Video Marketing

The Growth of Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook has grown from being a platform of connectivity to a medium of online businesses. Currently, Facebook has changed its format, adding a category solely for videos. With this feature, many brands have shifted to video advertising. It is a wise move considering there are a number of users who are more attracted to visual information. 

Video ads are also one of the most fun and effective ways to get your brand message across to your target audience. However, a problem for other business owners is that they are not that confident or are intimidated in making video ads. You do not have to hire an entire studio production to achieve such a video product. Here are some tips that can help you in making one.


Plan the content of your video

Facebook videos do not generalize just one type of content. There are many formats and categories you can decide on in order to get many reactions and good results. Aside from sharing organic reaction videos or reviews from your customers, you can experiment in showcasing your products by telling a story. Your content is also an opportunity for your brand to talk and how you want your audience to perceive your brand image.


Take note of the format

Here's another free tip. When making a video, keep in mind more users are using their mobile phones in viewing rather than personal computers and tablets. Also, you can research if your audience likes to view videos in portrait or landscape. Perhaps you can create a video flexible in both views.


Choose a proper thumbnail

If you did not know, then this is good news. You can decide whatever thumbnail you want to show on your video! However, be cautious when deciding on a thumbnail, as choosing an image that does not represent your brand can leave not-so-good impressions. Also, be aware of click-baiting. Carefully plan an inviting thumbnail that can stir excitement while still aligning with your brand image.


Start it with a bang

Do you know why the news uses headlines? The purpose is to catch a person's attention to read an article. The same goes for video, except that you translate the headline into your intro or opening. Plan how you can stop a person from scrolling past your video. Research something creative or attention-grabbing. However, do keep in mind that it should align with your brand.


Add a call to action button

Another perk in using Facebook is that you can include a call to action button. It is a subtle way of calling out to your audience to visit a page, shop on your site, book an appointment, and more. Although you can make use of your video to tell your audience, adding a CTA is a nice touch to tell more about your products or services.


Always have captions

Let your video do the talking but don't forget the words. Other users prefer not to turn the sound on, and some might be using public transportation. To keep your audience hooked on your video, always consider putting captions. These words can also be an invitation and stir up excitement for others to turn on the sound


Make concise videos

Nowadays, the attention span of most people gets shorter. A usual tendency is for others to skip your video when you do not get your message straight to the point. Although you can plan the limit of your video, make sure to be clear on what you want your video to say. Keep your message concise and your video informative.



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