December 20, 2021

How to Run Effective Facebook Ads in 2022

How to Run Effective Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook has put a change in the way social media platforms run. From being a friendly connection medium to being one of the leading platforms in business, it is quite hard to imagine not to be on board with the online trends. How crucial is it for a business to have ads, or why should you even consider having one?

Advertising on Facebook is key to spreading brand awareness as it can cater your ads to a large number of active users on the platform. It can be overwhelming, but the goal is to bring your ad message to the right people. How do I make the best out of my Facebook ad results? Before getting there, there are things to take into consideration so your business can be seen and delivered the right way.


Audience Optimization

Audience Optimization is a tool designed for targeting and is intended for pages on Facebook. Its main use was to categorize different contents posted on the page and deliver these to the target audience. Users can now go to optimization when they want to target through the newsfeed placement. Interests mentioned in the newsfeed are to help Facebook analyze the people it should target your posts.

Other interests are also already defined by Facebook, allowing users to see the size of the audience for each interest respectively. This is also a good start for brand awareness. Facebook also gives users options in limiting content visibility to people. For example, you may be selling adult beverages. You can set an age restriction based on the location of your target market. Audience Optimization will give you insights, so you can see the engagement and reach your post has made, including shares, likes, comments, and clicks.


Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization is a feature in Facebook that helps online business owners choose the best factors to be included in their advertisements. With this feature, Facebook can control the creative while optimizing combinations, which is more efficient compared to running an ad per ad set. Creative Optimization helps in searching for creative combinations that perform for better campaign performance. It is also effective when launching advertisements that have several combinations of creative assets.


Landing Page Optimization

Users choosing an optimization for their ad set means telling Facebook the result they want their business to get. When optimizing an ad set for a landing page, the possibilities are that the ad will go to the people who are most likely to click, with Facebook's assumptions, of course. This feature is the most ideal for website traffic. Users must have a webpage or an active Facebook pixel on their website.


Bonus tips for effective ads


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