December 10, 2021

How to Run Successful Promotions in 2022

How to Run Successful Promotions in 2022

Handling a Shopify brand means that you have a lot of marketing strategies ready at the palm of your hand as there are many techniques to help your online business. However, do keep in mind that your strategy must match the timing. These plans should fit both your products and target market. Online business owners must also be careful of traditional marketing methods as these can affect their brand.


Benefits of Running a Promotion

Build customer engagement and loyalty

Running a promotion does not just mean giving out freebies carelessly. It is about gaining customer loyalty and establishing a relationship with your target audience. Aside from providing extra services, promotions help online businesses win over their competitors as customers will see authenticity in your brand. 

Thicken customer relationships

A customer relationship is one of the biggest assets that a company can brag about. Interactions and happening between businesses and customers help in establishing the early foundations of a company. Sure, it can take time for some online businesses to develop a strong bond with their audience, but it is definitely worth it to invest time in promoting.

Utilize Promotion tools

Handling a lot of tasks while running a promotion can be overwhelming as it can be possible that tasks will pile up. Thankfully there are promotional tools and software that can help and are affordable at the same time. Cost-effective services like optimizations in Boostify can help with ad campaigns and make you get the most of your ad spend.

Establish Brand Visibility

Promotions are one of the factors that help cement a brand among its customers. With people wanting the latest updates about your brands or services, promotions can help spread word about your company, making it easier for your brand to be recognizable to other audiences. 


Tips in Running a Successful Promotion 

Grasp attention through headlines

Though visuals can capture the attention of most viewers, there will be people who will want to read a clear description of the promo. Capture the audience with headlines of what you are offering at the moment. For example, requiring a minimum number of people in order to avail of the free delivery of bubble tea, etc.

Offer limited discounts and benefits

In order to hype up your audience, offer discounts on items that they are interested in. Offers like free shipping for a month or 30% off until a specific period are what you can use as ideas for instilling excitement.

Don't run promos too often

Make your audience feel that your promos are special. You don't want your audience to lose the excitement or all the hype your marketing team built up. Make them anticipate promos in order for your audience to check your site daily. Try taking advantage of occasions like graduation, Valentine's day, and other holidays.


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