November 24, 2021

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Ads in 2022

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Ads in 2022

To start, it's a good practice not to delete Facebook ads; mainly because Facebook does not let you revert deleted ads. Once deleted, they are deleted forever.

However, these simple steps below will help you recover your deleted Facebook ad with the exception of ad stats on your old ad.


1. Click "Filters" at the top right and go to Delivery, and click on "Ad Delivery"


facebook filters


2. Select the "Deleted" the option and hit "Apply":


facebook show deleted ads


3. Now you are able to see deleted ads, select the ad you would like to recover and click "Edit".


select deleted ads


4. You will see ad details on this screen, click top right and select "Duplicate":


duplicate deleted facebook ad


4. If you would like show existing reactions, comments and shared on new ads, make sure select this option, and click "Duplicate":


copy existing comments interactions on facebook ad



And you are done! Now you have everything you need from your deleted ad!


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