November 10, 2021

How to Troubleshoot Problems With Ad Account Creation

How to Troubleshoot Problems With Ad Account Creation

As people who want to boost the presence of their online business, we only want what is best for our marketing and clients. However, when attempting to register a new ad account, some users may encounter one of the following errors:


With these message errors, the result would most likely be you unable to establish any additional ad accounts. These restrictions could be because:

Your ad account limit has been reached. Until consumers make a verified payment, all marketers are limited to one ad account. This restriction aids in the monitoring of possible fraud and abuse. 

The Solution: 

Accounts that have been disabled owing up to 60 days of inactivity and spending do not count against the ad account limit.

One or more of your current ad accounts are in bad shape. Facebook has detailed information regarding its  Advertising Policies. It's best to review the rules before adding more ad accounts. You can proceed to use your active ad accounts if no other condition relates to you. Facebook sets your ad account limits depending on your previous spending and usage of current ad accounts. You can see if you have any ad accounts that aren't currently active and use them.

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