July 23, 2021

The Impact of iOS 15 on Email Marketing

The Impact of iOS 15 on Email Marketing

Apple has the spot for the latest talk in email town with the current release of iOS 15, as it will change the way of email marketing, especially for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. This might be interpreted as a challenge for most email marketers especially when dealing with email tracking and open rates as users will have the option of disabling the feature. This attracts more attention due to Apple being a giant company, having the leading number of clients in the email market. So will it really leave email marketers puzzled or are they ready to level up their strategies?


What's with the craze?

The update highlights the privacy of Apple users, making emails more customizable when it comes to tracking. Though it is a huge hurrah for some, it can leave email senders a bit puzzled on how to keep their numbers in check as iOS 15 allows users to:

This means that marketers have no access to the number of opens from their target audience, which may also affect ad campaigns. However, updates are part of how marketing evolves so this shouldn't be such a scary thing. 


How to deal with the privacy protections?

It may be a big hurdle for email marketing, but this is no sign of defeat. Email senders do not need to wave the white flag as this challenge can be a good thing. Other ways to prepare for iOS 15 is to:


Speaking of clicks

Marketing being an ever-evolving world, online owners should know not to depend on one tactic they have been leaning on for years. Even though there's no denying that open rates are one of the good factors to measure the effectiveness of your emails. However, open rates may not be all accurate. If you're an email marketer, it's about time to look at click rates instead. Clicks have been a more accurate number when it comes to subscriber and audience measurement. 


Apple has done it once again, being the center topic of business and technology. However, this does not come as a shock to email marketing, as it has proven in time that it can adapt to changes. Since email tracking and address hiding are options for users, the good news is businesses have time to prepare for iOS 15.

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