August 17, 2021

Content that Grows Your Business: Perks of Facebook Business Suite

Content that Grows Your Business: Perks of Facebook Business Suite

What is Facebook Business Suite

Around the year 2020, Facebook launched a new feature called the Facebook Business Suite. The newly designed update is to make business tasks more convenient, being the go-to toolbox for online businesses whenever marketers or owners need help in boosting and spreading brand awareness. Aside from that, Facebook Business Suite also makes business activities more manageable as all these are in one place. The suite allows users to have access to metrics where online business owners and marketers can post, send messages, and handle advertising activities.


How to access Facebook Business Suite

  1. To get started with Facebook Business Suite, one should note to link their Facebook accounts used to run their business page upon logging in.
  2. Facebook will evaluate if you are eligible for the Business Suite, and if you are, your account will head to the suite.
  3. For people using the Pages Manager App, there is an option to go into the Business Suite. They can also download the Facebook Business Suite app.


The perks of Facebook Business Suite

With the suite, users can boost an existing post on their page or create new advertisements for more reach, so many can interact through your brand exposure.

The business suite lets users see updates like comments, alerts, and interactions regarding your online business, making business activities more manageable and convenient.

It is understandable that online business owners and marketers can have a lot in their hands. With the suite, they can set up answers to frequently asked questions that their customers might ask.

Facebook Business Suite also helps in saving time as users can easily access a tab where they can see insights regarding the performance of a boosted post or see if they gained effective engagement.

If you have audiences in other countries where their timezones are way different than yours, you can easily schedule announcements or updates, so you don't have to wait for a specific time to post.


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