October 16, 2021

Should I combine 2 ad sets

Should I combine 2 ad sets

You might be asking yourself, when is the best time to combine 2 or more ad sets into one on Facebook. There are two conditions two consider:

1- Are the ad sets using the same creatives?

2- Do the ad sets have the same objective (e.g. conversion, traffic etc)?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then go ahead and combine ad sets into one. Doing so will help you decrease the time spent on the learning phase. Each ad set goes through the learning phase individually. When you separate ad sets by audience, each ad set may get fewer Conversions and take longer to exit the learning phase. This means more budget is spent before the delivery system has optimized performance.

Facebook will likely notify you if there are ad sets that should be combined. To find out, go to yourAccount Overview and click on the Delivery Recommendations section if there are campaigns and ad sets to combine. The rest is made easy by Facebook, just follow the instructions and FB will guide through the process.

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