December 10, 2021

Succesful SMS Marketing in 2022

Succesful SMS Marketing in 2022

It seems like today, everyone considers their mobile phone as an item of necessity. Looking at marketing today, we kind of agree with this as the world has taken a quick transition to digital options. People tend to bring their mobile phones wherever they and a number of them have invested their time in social media platforms like Facebook.

Just like these people, many brands and online businesses have transitioned their marketing strategies, transferring from email to SMS marketing. SMS marketing has been a great option as consumers change their behavior from time to time. And since mobile phones are seemed to be carried always anywhere, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity as it is easy to communicate with your customer. Here are some practices that might help.


Ideas for running a successful SMS Marketing

Opt for a software

Yes, it is plausible to do DIYs in SMS campaigns but if you want to save time, then look for SMS marketing software that can help. Look for capable software that can manage the subscribers of your business. Opt for software that can also measure the rates of those who have clicked or opened your messages while having the feature of scheduling future messages. 

Get to know customers

This is a given for businesses as most companies have their target audience. There are tools that you can utilize in order to gather customer interest and a person's buying history. You can also personalize a message to make it more authentic to the message receiver.

Get straight to the point

Most people who spend their time on social media are mostly hooked on the visuals and not on the text. Rather than sending long and risky information overload texts, get rid of the flowery words and get straight to the point. Think of a word that can trigger the interest of a person. Also, check the grammar and conceptualize how you can call your customers to get to action.

Plan the time and schedule

The last thing a marketer wants are annoyed customers, all because their vacation was ruined by one text message. Do a little research about the background of your audience so you can know which hours may or may not work. Schedule which days you will be sending out messages and consider the most appropriate time to send them.

Put a sense of urgency

Input words that can incorporate time-sensitive offers or discount announcements only valid for two months. Think of words that can trigger a person to buy your product or service immediately. The advantage of urgency is that it can make them feel like their striking with a good deal (which we're sure they are) and are experiencing exclusive offers.

Add a disclaimer

Disclaimers like charges on data rates and other common info are examples you can take note of. These messages can give subscribers a heads up and are made aware of what they are signing up for. Make sure to check for disclaimers every time you send out a message.


Practices to avoid in SMS Marketing

Sending A LOT of texts

People already deal with a lot of things for one whole day. So sending a number of marketing messages might be a bit too overwhelming for them. That is why it is ideal to plan a schedule of when to send texts. Also, maybe it's time to get rid of unimportant information and prioritize what you offer and updates about your business.

Not giving an option to opt out

It is important that before sending a message, an SMS marketer should ask for the consent of the receiver. Rather than looking at it as losing a subscriber, think of the narrowed number of your audience. This number is a good thing as you can focus more on those who are really interested in your messages.

Not including a call to action

A call to action has been a necessary feature when it comes to online marketing. A call to action is used to encourage subscribers to buy your product or avail of your service. Inviting sentences like "You can sign up for free" or "Use the code in order to avail a 30% discount" are only one of the few samples that you can test with your SMS marketing.


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