July 23, 2021

Top 10 Shopify Apps for D2C Brands

Top 10 Shopify Apps for D2C Brands

D2C is the abbreviation for Direct-to-Customer, a marketing term referring to companies that promote their products or services directly to their consumers. D2C allows clients to directly purchase from desired online businesses which are more convenient considering the demand for quick transactions nowadays.

With the internet making things quicker and easier to access, a lot of companies have opted for Shopify. It is an online platform allowing Direct-to-Customer companies to own an online store and from there, promote and sell their products to consumers. There are a lot of benefits from the Shopify store like applications that help with online businesses. The following is a list of the best apps for D2C brands.



Yotpo is an app where D2C brands can either intend its use for a rewards program or product and photo reviews. Businesses can base ad campaigns using reviews and ratings. Yotpo also helps in referral programs using integration in Shopify. D2C brands can start on a free plan and later upgrade on the service.



Shogun is a page builder where business owners can create a landing page based on their image, idea, and concept. Its drag-and-drop feature easily allows users to also create product pages and blogs that can inform and update their customers upon visiting. Business owners start with a free trial of 10 days.



Klaviyo is one of the leading marketing platforms in Shopify. Several online businesses often opt for Klaviyo when it comes to forms and customizable emails. Just like Shogun, it also has a drag-and-drop feature paired with templates that can be used for electronic mail campaigns. Klaviyo is free to install while pricing may depend on how many emails or messages are sent.



Reconvert is another application used for page optimization. Here is where business owners can customize "thank you" pages through the drag-and-drop feature. Users can also use ReConvert for surveys and information collection. Business Owners can initially use ReConvert for free and later update for a monthly subscription plan.



Cartloop is an SMS platform designed for Shopify store users and helps online businesses with customer experience. How real-time is it? Cartloop can find abandoned online shopping carts performed by experts who are all-day present. And if that's not enough, you can start with $0 for a month! We suggest you subscribe to their 3% Cartloop revenue plan.



Another leading eCommerce site is Findify. It helps solve with revenue increase, speed optimization and conversion boosts. Findify's most wanted feature is their personalization solutions which is why we won't wonder why most online companies opt for a monthly subscription. Their pricing varies on site visits.


Google Shopping

Do you love shopping while can't get enough of Google? In Google Shopping, customers can search and compare products they want to own. Google Shopping takes the shopping experience through a visual journey and allows online store owners to show their products in Google search results.



One of the ways to attract a customer is to get them hooked to your website. This is where PageFly comes in. PageFly allows business owners to build and customize their D2C website through the drag-and-drop feature. Online store owners have praised its user-friendly settings and templates. Users can start on the free plan and can later opt for a monthly subscription.



Langshop is a helpful tool in boosting a Shopify store through its translation methods. Since the internet has catapulted connections worldwide, businesses must also cater to people speaking their native languages. That is why LangShop is here to help with multilingual translations with their support team. Users can start with a free 14-day trial and later subscribe to their unlimited plan.



OptiMonk is one of the most sought-after optimization tools. It helps several Shopify store owners with list and sales increase, as well as finding abandoned online shopping carts. OptiMonk has templates and a drag-and-drop feature, making it efficient and easy to create a campaign. Business owners can start with the free plan and later opt for the premium monthly subscription.



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