December 20, 2021

What is D2C Marketing and Why Millennials Love It

What is D2C Marketing and Why Millennials Love It

D2C is the abbreviation for Direct-to-Consumer and is a strategy in the marketing world. This marketing strategy is where a business or company sell or advertise their products or services directly to their customers. Especially with the nature of today's trends and marketing demands, several business owners have opted to create, market, sell, and deliver their products or services, this includes shipping especially for online businesses.


What Differs D2C?

Maybe you have heard of the term B2C which means Business-to-Consumer. B2C is where businesses are usually dependent on retailers, which usually plays a role as the "between" factor when dealing with manufacturers and their consumers. Meanwhile, D2C marketing is more of suppliers playing the key role in providing experience, having more control of product or service transactions.


Who are the Millenials?

One of the most used terms to date is the word "millennial". However, other people mistake younger generations as millennials, referring to high school students. Contrary to that belief, Millenials are those born around the 1980s to mid-1990s. They have been referred to as the largest generation and have a great adoration for the D2C marketing technique.


Why Do Millenials Love D2C So Much?

With the fast-paced world and with Millenials witnessing changes in marketing techniques, D2C has come as a more convenient option. D2C has marketing characteristics that somehow prioritize product and service authenticity, affordable convenience, and smooth shopping and transaction experience. Companies adjust to these types of characteristics can gain more appeal.


What You Get With D2C Marketing


Should You Opt for D2C Marketing?

It really depends on you but you have to think that this type of marketing strategy has been proven effective over time, especially to Millenial shoppers which make up a big percentage of the shopping population. 


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