December 9, 2021

Your Landing Page Guide for 2022

Your Landing Page Guide for 2022

What's one way for your business to get noticed online? Driving traffic is one of the best ways for your brand to gain attention in the online business world. But what if all the hard work spent on your marketing campaigns still does not match up with your conversion rates? You're not alone, as it is one of the struggles that some business owners and marketers face. Frustrating, right? Here's what you might want to consider with your landing page.


How landing pages work

Good question. Landing pages are the ones that play the middle game in platforms where marketers mostly use in order to gain traffic for their websites. In short, landing pages can help you attract your customer through your marketing campaigns. Each landing page has an intention where most marketers design it for different reasons. Think about the webpage of a product when you shop online. Its landing page has the design to attract target audiences like shoppers and people who favor direct-to-consumer businesses.


Why have a landing page?

When advertising a business, one question a business owner has to answer is, "Why should I care?" Shift your focus on why your product can benefit your consumers. Inform the customer why they need to buy right away when they land on your landing page.


What makes a landing page effective?

So what is the first step? Your landing page should lead your customer who is unfamiliar with what your business offers or sells. Let it guide them through every step that they may have questions with.

These questions must be met at the same time demonstrating:

In simple terms, try to think as if you are presenting to a very interested kid with a face that screams endless questions. That is where you have to be ready with answers that your consumers might have.


Creating a successful landing page

  1. Creating first impressions - This category does not only serve as an introduction to your business but also gives an idea. The first portion matters since a customer may potentially become a returning buyer. In this part, include titles that can capture the attention of a reader. You can be creative, but be sure to highlight your product or service. Pair your texts with images that relate to your brand. Do not settle with low-quality photoshoots, as this may leave a not so memorable online visit. Go for quality photos that show off your product. Also, you might want to remember to consider your image size as you do not want your customers to wait for online page buffers. Do not forget to include reviews, recognitions, and your latest price updates like special promos or discounts, as these can really capture attention and build trust.
  2. Prepare for answers - As previously stated, your whole landing page should direct more on the "why" rather than the "what." For example, why should your audience consider your product or service? You should answer these and pair them with the benefits they will receive. Discuss these answers in the most friendly and simple way that even a kid could understand. But remember to be honest.
  3. Guide your customers - Don't make the mistake of assuming that your people will understand your product or service on their own. Guide them through the whole process. The optimum solution to lead your customers is to include a video or a helpful infographic that aligns with the steps of how to use your product. If you can show your potential buyer exactly how your product works, you'll gain a lot of ground. To make it comprehensible and easy to absorb, utilize things like limited text and icons.
  4. Have them hooked - This part of your landing page is your chance to impress your online visitors. Highlight the features and benefits your product offers. This section is where you can list the brand's achievements and gained recognition.
  5. Showcase your products - The buyer is a few sections into the website at this point, and it's time to pitch your product. After giving ideas about your products, the next step is to ensure that what you offer is presented well. Remember to include quality photos of your product and special prices that you might offer only for that month.
  6. Tell them why you're better - A potential buyer of yours should understand how your product or service is superior compared to those of your online competitors. Whatever you plan, whether you'll go for charts or product descriptions, remember to be honest.
  7. Build trust through reviews - One of the best examples you can brag about your product or service is social proof like customer testimonials. Showcase client statements and promote how your product has helped your consumer. You can also be creative with quotes and highlight the benefits your customers enjoyed most.
  8. Page conclusion - To expand your list of newsletter emails, finish building your landing page with social media icons where your business is most active. You can also opt for an email address or contact number.


Have fun designing your landing page

Although most d2c or e-commerce landing pages have different intentions and designs, they all follow the same principle. Marketers and online business owners can go to accessible landing page builders and polish it the way they want. Keep it user-friendly so that your page can have more conversions, all that while looking fantastic and in line with your brand.